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On the afternoon of October 22, Goku Instruments' new product launch of high-performance liquid phase was held at Marco Polo Hotel in Beijing. Nearly 200 guests including experts, scholars, users, and channel vendors from the analysis and testing industry were invited to the conference.

Goku HPLC K2025 was born

Born from "potential" and "time"

The rise of the country is first of all the rise of the economy, and the technology is behind the economy. The Sino-US trade war is actually a technology war. High-end scientific instruments and technologies are already foreseeable by the neck, not alarmist.
In 2018, the number of HPLC imports reached 16,650 sets, with a value of 4 billion yuan (customs data), while domestic brand liquid phases only had 3,000 sets, worth 300 million yuan, and total sales were less than 10% of the domestic liquid phase market.

Through our market research, the current domestic liquid chromatography market demand is increasing by double digits every year, and domestic customers' recognition of domestic brand instruments is increasing. As long as the product has good stability, low failure rate, application support and after-sales service in place, and high cost performance, no matter it is imported or made in China, it is promising.
So whether it is from the "trend" of national development or the development of domestic scientific instruments, whether from the "timing" of customer demand or the "timing" of domestic brand liquid phase, it is logical to do liquid phase select.

Why is it named K2025?

The name of K2025 high performance liquid chromatograph is derived from the 2025 strategic plan made in China. It is hoped that China's analytical instrument industry will also achieve significant development with the development of China's manufacturing industry in 6 years.

Do the liquid phase that users really need

The positioning of the Goku liquid phase K2025 originates from the user. In the early stage, Goku Instruments did a lot of user research. K2025's comprehensive positioning is to create a reliable and friendly liquid chromatograph based on precision and compliance, providing users with more choices.
K2025 has done a lot of reliability tests: in the air pressure test, at an altitude of 4850m (the highest altitude at which humans can normally operate), the K2025 test sample is normal and the test passes; in the high accelerated life test, 0

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